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Crane analyzes data with emotion first as opposed to simple positive, negative and neutral classification. The rich emotional data that Crane delivers provides decision makers with a true emotional based view of their employee base and customer base to make informed decisions that help improve and grow their business. Emotion is a critical driver in making business decisions and understanding what drives both your customers and employees.

By correlating emotional "profiles" with behavior, Crane provides customers the story behind why their employees are feeling a specific way. By combining rigorous analysis with the historically "soft", human trait of emotion opens doors to major advancements in marketing, employee retention, product development and company morale.

How do I enable the Yammer integration?

To enable the yammer integration, go to, click ‘Connect with Yammer To Sign Up’. This will redirect to enable yammer integration, click ‘Allow’, and this will redirect to the dashboard. The first time you sign up, there will be a max. 24 hour wait time so that we can analyze a year's worth of data.

What is the data export API?

The data export API exports all data for a particular yammer network. So once you enable Crane to integrate with yammer, we will have access to the API, which will enable us to run our analysis.

How often is the data refreshed?

Your data is refreshed every 24 hours.

What data does Crane have access to?

Crane has access to any data that is provided through the data export API. The data includes user names, group names, posts, a time stamp of each post and volume of replies to each post.

Will your application store any Yammer data?  If so, what data?

Crane receives all message, user, and group data for an individual client network directly from Yammer.  All raw unnecessary client data is deleted immediately once processing is complete.  Crane will retain a minimal proprietary representation of the analyzed data in order to support product functionality. The data includes user names, group names, posts, a time stamp of each post and volume of replies to each post.

What is the expiration period for that data?

Crane supports search functionality looking back up to one year.  To provide that functionality, Crane retains any relevant data representations for a one-year period.

Where will the application be hosted?

The application will be hosted directly from Crane's secure private network, hosted on off-site dedicated hardware provisioned solely for the purpose of this application.

How will authentication be handled?

The application will rely on authentication directly through Yammer, utilizing an implementation of the OAuth2 protocol.  In addition, clients can choose to further restrict access to a specified IP range so that the application is only available at designated physical locations or through a VPN.

What security measures are in place to secure the data?

Secure connections: All connections to Yammer and all data transfers are secured via SSL.  All client interfaces are served over HTTPS.

What are Crane’s Customer Data Protection policies?

All client data is classified as confidential and treated as such.  Crane employees have highly restricted access to client data, and all such access is logged.  Client data is never migrated nor used outside of the production environment.  Each client network is served from a distinct database, ensuring that data cannot be leaked between client networks.

What other measures has Crane taken to ensure data security?

Hardened Operating System: Crane runs on hardened Linux servers, and any critical patches are addressed immediately.

What are the data center security policies?

Crane runs on dedicated hardware at a hosting partner.  The data center is SSAE16 compliant, meeting industry-recognized requirements for security and reliability.  Additionally, the data center is self-certified with the U.S. Department of Commerce's U.S.-European Union (EU) Safe Harbor framework, verifying that the EU's adequacy standard for data and privacy protection is met.  Access to the data center is subject to proximity security badge checks and is under digital security video surveillance.

What are Crane’s business continuity guarantees?

Client data is backed up nightly and protected with strong encryption on disk.  Encrypted backups are stored in redundant data centers, with data transfers secured via SSL.

Who do I contact for help?

What are Crane’s SLA’s?

Crane Services will be operational and available to Customers at least 99.99% of the time in any calendar month.

Crane has a diverse set of fortune 500 customers that find distinct value in it's products and services. These customers include The Los Angeles Times, Chevy, Walmart, American Express, and many more.

The Crane integration creates the ability for verified network and group administrators to utilize their rich Yammer network data like never before. Crane brings to life the emotion contained in conversations within the Yammer network which help Managers and Executives make key decisions that impact their business.

Crane provides real business value by helping Managers and Executives better understand the effects key events and business decisions have on their employee morale. This understanding gives these decision makers the insights they need to help improve employee morale, decrease employee turnover and provide better products and services to their customers.

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